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Ripple bottle

Bottle of Ripple wine, sold in the 1960's-1970's.

Ripple was a fortified wine produced by E & J Gallo Winery as a Low end fortified wine that was popular in the United States, particularly in the 1970s. Possessing a relatively low 11% ABV, it was originally marketed to "casual" drinkers.  Due to its low price, it had a reputation as a drink for alcoholics and the destitute. It was popular among young drinkers, both  underage and college age students. On Sanford and SonRipple was often referred to, as it was Fred Sanford's alcoholic beverage of choice, making Sanford an early spokesperson of the product.

Flipple: sangria & Ripple

Champipple: Champagne & Ripple. Or, Ginger Ale & Ripple.

Manischipple: Manischewitz & Ripple. 

Beaujolipple: Beaujolais & Ripple.

Cripple: Cream & Ripple.

Stripple: Straight Ripple.

Flapple: Flat Ripple. Or, Sangria.

Muscatipple: Muscatel & Ripple.

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