"Strange Bedfellows"
Season Four, Episode ##17
Number (#79) in series (136 episodes)
Air date January 24, 1975
Network NBC-TV
Production code 413
Written by: Ted Bergmann
Directed by: Norman Abbott
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Strange Bedfellows was the 79th overall episode of Sanford and Son. Also the 16th episode of Season Four, it first aired January 24, 1975.

Episode synopsisEdit

Praise for Lamont's impassioned call into a radio political program sparks him to run for the state assembly. Will it be Mr. Sanford goes to Sacramento?

Episode summaryEdit

Hoping to impress his new girlfriend, a politically active young lady named Denise (Margaret Avery), Lamont calls up a radio talk show to air his views on community affairs. Impressed by Lamont's eloquence, a number of highly-connected people suggest that he run for the state assembly. Though Lamont is eager to become a political mover and shaker, Fred remains skeptical.

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