"The Hawaiian Connection - Parts I & II"
Season Six, Episode ##1/2
Number (#112/113) in series (136 episodes)
Air date September 24, 1976
Network NBC-TV
Production code 604 A/B
Written by: Saul Turteltaub and Bernie Orenstein
Directed by: Alan Rafkin
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"Camping Trip
(Season 5 finale)"
"The Hawaiian Connection - Part III"

The Hawaiian Connection - Parts I & II was the 112th and 113th overall episodes of Sanford and Son. Also the season opening episodes of Season Six, it first aired on NBC-TV on September 24, 1976.

Episode synopsisEdit

Luring Fred and Lamont to Hawaii, a trio of jewel thieves plot to make Fred their mule for smuggling stolen diamonds to California.

Episode summaryEdit

Sanford and Son launched its sixth and final season with an unforgettable location-filmed jaunt to Hawaii. Heading to the land of pineapples and hula skirts for a junkman's convention, The Sanfords get innocently mixed up with jewel thieves. The crooks plant their loot on Fred in hopes of smuggling the gems to L.A. -- but of course, their best-laid schemes go hilariously agley. Highlighting Part One of "The Hawaiian Connection" is Fred Sanford's impromptu hula lesson. (This episode, originally running a full hour, has since been edited into two half-hour segments for syndication.)

Note: Frank Nelson appears as an airline pilot, Fritzi Burr appears as a flight passanger. David Huddleston appears as a police detective, James Gregory appears as his Commander, Barbara Rhoades as Gladys, Greg Morris appears as Willis, and Sheldon Leonard appears as Davis. Theodore Wilson, who later appears on the short-lived spinoff Sanford Arms TV series, appears as a messenger.

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